Worship Leader, Sinach, Teaches You Important Tips To Maintain Your Voice


It’s all about voice maintenance! So for those of you aspiring to harness your God-given talent and be professionals in singing, award winning worship leader, Sinach, has some tips for you:

1. Singing above your vocal range therefore straining your voice.
This is common with most praise and worship leaders because the general feeling is that the more you shout the more the “Spirit moves”. Not so!
Praise and worship song leading is about helping your listeners to connect with the presence of God through the music in praise and worship songs. Screaming the song robs your listeners of enjoying the music. You can communicate, lead and entertain without shouting.

2. Poor sound technical management can also cause the singer to shout because he/she is not hearing from the sound monitors. The cure for this is to have a proper sound check with the technical department before the event begins.

3. Excessive talking can also damage your vocal cords. A singer must learn to speak softly and not above vocal range to avoid unnecessary straining of the voice.

4. Exposure to dust and harsh weather can also dry up your voice. Always protect your voice. Drink a lot of Water to keep your voice lubricated

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