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The Greek word Macarios means to be supremely blessed, we are the ones independent of circumstances lifted above and supremely blessed beyond measure with no limitation. This consciousness what “So Blessed” seeks to communicate to all. This is the desire of the Spirit.

Produced By Jayclef
Mixed & Mastered By Haddy

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From the Crown of my head to the soles of my feet
Am blessed Am blessed
God has brought me into a very large place
Am blessed So blessed
The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places  x2
Everywhere I go Everyone I meet is blessed so blessed


Resp: Am so blessed
Call: In going out and coming in every thing I do
Resp: Am so blessed
Call: Am the seed of Abraham and u can’t deny
Resp: Am so  blessed
Call: Take a look at me am a wonder can’t u see
Resp: Am so blessed
Call: Everywhere I am I take the blessings where I go hmmmm

Verse 2:
Father Abraham had many sons
Many sons had Father Abraham
I am one, you are one, one, one
And we bless our world

Chorus ====

Call :So blessed, Every where I go so blessed
So blessed, Every one I so blessed x2
If you the Lord has blessed u
And u know His  really blessed u
If you know the Lord has blessed u
Put ur hands up

Resp: If u know the Lord has blessed and u know the Lord has blessed u
If u know the Lord has blessed u put ur hand up

Am blessed in the city
Am blessed in the field
Blessed in my going, am blessed in my coming in yeah yeah

Chorus ====

I’m Blessed (2x)
Everywhere I go
I’m Blessed (2x)
In Everything I do  (Repeat)
You See  I’m Blessed in my home
Blessed in job
Blessed in my family
Blessed in money 💰
Blessed in pounds 💷
Blessed in dollars 💵
Blessed in my body
Blessed in all things
I said am blessed in all things x2
I said Ur blessed in all things

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places  x2
Everywhere I go Everyone I meet is blessed so blessed….


  1. Wow! Its simply Supernatural! I’m soooo blessed!!! This the song for the season. An Anthem for the Anointed!! Just keep downloading and exploding in the Spirit. Thank you Ty Charis for this masterpiece

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