God Told Me To Open A Christian Night Club – Julius Agwu


Following reports that he is currently
making plans to open a ‘Christian Night
Club’ to be called Believers Lounge,
popular comedian/musician Julius
Agwu revealed to NET that God asked
him to do so.

“Its God’s calling. God spoke to me to do
it. We have unbelievers going to clubs,
popping champagne and all that, so we
want to have a club where believers can
hangout too and pop non-alcoholic
drinks. It’s basically an assignment from God. The club is located at Lekki and we
are taking it everywhere. God also told
me to raise young ambassadors that will
fight his battle,” he said

20 thoughts on “God Told Me To Open A Christian Night Club – Julius Agwu

  1. A christian nyt club???
    That kinda strange for me…..
    We got thousands of churches out there and yet the faith in christians is fadin away daily

  2. God can never ask anyone to open a night club, Julius should stop telling lies and follow his calling,Christian night club is never for Christians cos there is night vigil

  3. Our God is not an author of confusion so the idea of a night club instead of a night vigil in church I can strongly say could not have been from God.

  4. First of all what is night,and secondly what is club.Night is the time u either sleep or meditate on some issues or something. while club is a coming together of people in a place,at a particular time for a definite purpose. So i want you to first get the meaning of those two words, coz some of you might be tinking as if club as a name is a bad thing to say,the truth is that its thosr worldly individuals that had made the word club to suite their purpose,but its not that the word has Been contaminated to the extent it can’t be used by a body of Christian worshippers.Come to think of it,what if as a true Christian, you felt like being at that club for a nite,u chose to sacrifice dat nite to worship God, and so u deprived urself sleep just to be there.what if sermon sections and prayers will be held including a praise and worship sections that nite,what if Gospel artistes will be invited regularly to sing out their God given songs that will tune people’s hearts to God.my brothers and sisters, please think of these things,so at times lets learn to wait and think deep for a while before we comment on sumtin. even though its not evryone who says “God told him bla bla bla” that is saying the Truth, buh still yet if we aint sure about our thoughts, then i think we shuld give a considerable deep reasoning on it,especially when it says its from God.Dont forget that God is still using sinners for the work of his Kingdom, just the way he did in the bible. coZ even the person who is to set this nite club for believers(not Christians) mite one day be arrested by that same God who gave him thàt assignment to do.so please whenever we see certain words, know ye that it culd be used by unbelievers to set up a place for sin.

    1. I hv always thought of smth like dat ,such places would b lovely n grand for a christian n promote so many Godly tins n communications too .I wud com dere to relax n get blessed by various Gospel talents , infact it would keep more of our Gospel ministers in d church .
      Truth is I m excited at d idea .

  5. There are Christians who want Godly activities and there is no scripture against it, there are christian who like the idea of clubbing but don’t like going to the modern day club because of what it stands for, as for me i would love to go there as long as it’s Godly,serene and fun with my husband of course,I think it will be a nice place to hang out. There are many ungodly clubs how come nobody is publicly speaking against them, someone comes out to say this and all people can say is negative thoughts.. My brother go ahead,at least you will have a patronage from my husband and I. Blessings….

  6. I see d idea as cool
    Smtyms christians need to relax after a stressed up day n d only spots are worldly wit circular music n activities bt wit a place lik da christian have sm more freedom. To hv fun in his presence eat drink n hangout in a decent Godly environment.
    I m speakin for me .
    I m real n not a faker.

  7. As long as it is christain music and the gospel that would be prevalent there, no hard drinks but soft and christain jazz that would be played. Why not? You can use any means to evangelize as long as it tells about Jesus and his love to mankind.

  8. Go back and see nd also test what u ve heard THERE IS A WAY DAT SEEM RIGHT BUT D END IS SELF DISTORY so if u ar thinking of opening a club do it and live God out of it

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