​Everybody Mind Your Business & Stop Criticizing – Nosa Cries Out

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Since When American urban contemporary gospel musician Natasha Tameika “Tasha ” Cobbs Leonard featured Nicki minaj On Her New Single Titled “I ’ m Getting Ready Alot Has Of criticism has been going on Regarding the new single.
The Award Winning Artist, NOSA took to his official Facebook account to share this. He said.. 

Everybody mind your business. Don’t criticise a matter just because it looks bad. What has God told you about it? Babylon laughs at the way we go about things as Christians. Don’t drag the adultress to God with stones in your hand and your own issues unsolved. If you would like your own struggles to be discussed in the open, continue. It’s the manifestation of Babylon, due to prayerlessness of the saints. There’s things to battle in the realm of the spirit. Things to subdue. Don’t pray, you hear? Be talking. One day you’ll see the result of talking and not praying. Jesus said WATCH AND PRAY, not post and gossip.

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