“Dont Shed Blood Because Of Election” – Pray4NaijaWaka Addresses Killings In Nigeria


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2018 makes it the 3rd Edition in Lagos and the 2nd in Abuja, spreading Nationwide in the near future.

PRAY4NAIJAWAKA is the loudest event among other social and humanitarian activities we’re engaged with at “Hope Nigeria Youth and Leadership Initiative”.
Our core values include:

1) Speak and Act the Nigeria you deserve
(2) Nation Building is every Nigerian’s task
(3) Embrace peace; Shun violence

We are a country blessed with enviable human and natural resources, yet saddled with the most traumatic Government/Citizen relationship!

This year’s Independence Day would be our 58th! Hopes and expectations for a better Nigeria are gradually fading away!
As the year preceding the next general election in Nigeria, PRAY4NAIJAWAKA /HOPE&PEACE CONCERT becomes compulsory, and this including the incessant violence in the country has informed the theme for this year’s event- ELECTION NO BE BLOOD

We have condemned and criticized past and present Governments; we have cursed Nigeria for decades out of the pain and suffering we go through, forgetting that we are cursing ourselves! We focus on the ills of governance, neglecting our own responsibilities in Nation building! Our belief is that for Nigeria to be great again, ALL hands must be on deck.

PRAY4NAIJAWAKA is our annual project through which we hope to spread this message.

Specifically for 2018, Nigerians need to finally realize that there are no special benefits/awards given to agents of violence during election; or at any other time. We ought to be tolerant enough to allow every Nigerian use their voting rights peacefully and freely.

This year’s Pray4NaijaWaka will be featuring a lot of fanfare, music, comedy, dance, cultural displays and short speeches from Stakeholders.
At the Federal Capital Territory, it would be taking place on Saturday September 29th; Venue is Unity Fountain and time is 9am.
Lagos event will take place on Monday October 1st, the gathering point is Secretariat bus stop Alausa Ikeja, and the closing point is at the Lagos State Fire Service Ground, Alausa, Ikeja. Time is 9am and dress code for both locations is green and white including the National flag.
Come one come all;


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