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Casey Ed offers us a taste of his forth-
coming album with this patriotic track for Nigeria.
The first notes ring clear and pure; bells and chimes
usher in the vocals. “Nigeria Land of God” is more
than a song. It’s a declaration and a call to action; a reminder that there is hope in our bright future. An
alternative, soulful masterpiece with an overall mid-
tempo rhythm and a rich mix of percussion
instruments, most of them indigenous; “Nigeria
Land of God” is infused with a smooth blend of
vocal harmony. The eight bars of rap toward the end of the song are a pleasant twist to a mellow
song that is passionately positive. This is the song
that tells you “Let us think of what we can give and
not what we can take”…the song that speaks of the
Federal Republic in such glowing terms: “Nigeria
the land is green, the land is love.” This is a song you want to listen to, time and time again. Go
ahead, enjoy


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5 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: Casey ED – Nigeria Land Of God

  1. Your passion and love for our Country seethes through the music.

    Looking forward to the album. I know it will be un-put-down-able. Two Thumbs up!

  2. Wow, what a song. This is patriotism at it best. God bless you richly for awaking our love for Nigeria our country through this song. God bless Nigeria

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