DOWNLOAD Music: Casey Ed – K.O.M.A (ft. Nolly)

K.O.M.A. which is an acronym for the statement (Knowledge Of the Measure of Agape) is a song message given to us by the Holy ghost.
   Knowing (experiential & vital communion of ) AGAPE which is God’s love and whom by himself is love is the beginning of us truly knowing  our worth, value, hope, purpose , possibilities. For AGAPE (God’s love) is the highest dimension of all dimension, the deepest core of God and the absolute reality of God. This love and the knowledge of this love ,is the victory over the world. 

This creation of this song was never intended by us, as on that faithful day we were in the studio with no intention of recording or producing a single but as we were there the holy spirit overtook an ordinary day/ production and we were pulled into a unified inspiration which gave birth to this. 

KI the producer, Nolly the rap artist and myself Casey Ed the singer are grateful to the Holy ghost for using us.

May the Holy spirit communicate the experience of the true love of Christ which makes all truly free in spirit , soul and body in you. AMEN  

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I’m in love with a mighty supernatural being. 

In my heart in the place where he lives. 

He calls me chosen and calls me the apple of his eyes 

He calls me special, I am the apple of his eyes 

Hey na ma se na koma 

Hey na ma se na koma my lord 

I’m in love with the one who knew me from the day I was born. 

I mean he knew me from before the day I was born. 

When I was in my mother’s womb he knew me and called me by name & he called me son. 

Tell me go into the world and have dominion and I did that, 

that is the life that I live like that & I love him right back cos he loved me first. 

Now I’m loving my neighbor, the way I love myself 

Got to love myself first before I love my neighbor 

Well if I say I love my God without loving my neighbor then I’m just lying, I’m just lying Yeah love don’t lie, love don’t die, love is patient, love is kind 

Men I’m deeply rooted and grounded in love

He’s the vine, I’m the branch 

So love is I . 

I’ve seen your mercy constantly everyday 

Your tender kindness in the place of judgement 

Oh I’m a Victor because that is what he calls me 

An overcomer because that’s the spirit in me  

Hey na ma se na koma 

Hey na ma se na koma my lord

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