DOWNLOAD Music: GUC – All That Matters

GUC starts off the New Year and decade with the release of his long anticipated worship rendition by titled All That Matters

Download & be blessed


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339 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: GUC – All That Matters

  1. GUC has gotten his breakthrough in 2020 after releasing this new song, trust me this song will still get to other african countries and the world at large and he would be recognized global.

    Lovely Song,

    1. This is a spirit filled song that will draw us closely to God. May God Almighty help us all to know him and the power of his resurrection, Amen.
      To guc, may the grace of God continually be upon you, Amen

      1. This is an amazing song, I felt touched when I listen to the song. More grace to you bro

    1. Spirit filled, God bless you GUC you’ll go places to proclaim the gospel through musical ministrations.

    2. I’m really blessed with this music, may God’s name be praise forever in Jesus name…. Thank you Jesus

  2. GUC you are indeed a gift from God .This song is spiritfilled .Keep the fire burning. I can’t stop listening. Bless you

    1. A friend shared this song with me last week but it has become my everyday worship song, filled with too much anointment, thank u so much Jesus for this song moves mountains. STAY BLESSED MUCH LOVE FROM UGANDA

  3. This song is fantastic carries Gods spirit and the lyrics are so clear for easy comprehension. GUC I don’t know you but I must day I love your work and continue in your assignment and believe me as it will bless people ur own blessing will increase beyond limit. More grace to release more and also to challenge young boys of this age

  4. mehnn I fell in love with the cover done with Mercy chinwo..I had to go for the real deal..Thank you for blessing souls, more Grace

  5. I felt his presence…just by listening to this song….May God give u more anointing to spread his word thru your music…Roar and soar!!!!

    1. Indeed Jesus you are that matters
      As the world is on panic about the covid 19,I will make room for Two.
      I’ve come to realise that you are all that matters

  6. Your songs are always deep! Its indeed HolyGhost birthed. Your other song ‘Desperate’ has touched many lives and saved many from darkness. Then ‘all that matters’ dropped and I couldn’t just stop listening to it even before it came out. Your songs carries so much power sir. More Grace!

  7. Holy spirit we bless you for this song you alone can open ones eye to see you are all that matter. God thank you for your son you used . pls give him a listening ear forever

  8. Holy spirit we bless you for this song you alone can open ones eye to see you are all that matter. God thank you for your son you used . pls give him a listening ear forever

  9. There is something about Eezee concept and their crew, imagine Guc and Mercy Chinwo these guys are something else

  10. GUC God bless you. I can’t stop singing this song. It is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. You will go places.

  11. I’ve always been a lover of GUC, his songs are deep from the Wells of the spirit.
    First knew him in 2016 when he was invited to the faculty of Engineering, university of Uyo For our annual worship.
    God bless you man!

  12. Thank you Holy Spirit for the gift of GUC…I love this song. Hearing this song at a time when I really needed such words. Desperate for you is always on repeat.

  13. This song has just broken me I have crying just thinking of how Jesus is all that matters despite all that is happening in my life

  14. Wao d very first day I listen to dis song was through a frd whatapp status. Mennnn… I was like is dis guy from Nigeria? He is blessed. This song is rili filled with God’s anointing. And I give it to him 101%/100%

  15. God give this young soul more inspiration, Melody and deep knowledge to write and download directly from you. GUC u are loved

    1. A friend shared this song with me last week but it has become my everyday worship song, filled with too much anointment, thank u so much Jesus for this song moves mountains. STAY BLESSED MUCH LOVE FROM UGANDA

  16. We love GUC here in Kenya, you can trully feel the presence of God w moving through the song. Baraka tele Man of God

  17. First time I actually listened to the music and the holy spirit was felt…More grace upon you dear, more willing spirit on you to do more…GUC,more Melody on you….

  18. First time I actually listened to the music and the holy spirit was felt…More grace upon you dear, more willing spirit on you to do more…GUC,more Melody on you….

  19. Such a great song..can’t stop playing it over and over again…thank you GUC are such a great talented start

  20. Wow this song is really a blessing to my life like seriously Jesus you are all that matters nothing matter except you

  21. Indeed Jesus is all that matter.. As song of the spirit with a powerful gospel message… Am blessed by the song… Thanks.. May God grace continue to increase in your life..

    1. Soul lifting song. Only spirit filled songs can bring such impact. More grace to stay connected to the Holy spirit.

  22. Him only that matters…
    1st time I heard this powerful song
    Something I can’t explain left me…
    Thank you for this glorious song..
    More GRACE

  23. Really felt all my problems have been solved by the song the words ooh my God soo powerful I pray for more grace and power brother

  24. I understand the hypocrisy and ignorance of Christianity! Let’s not be carried away with the gratitude of the song to Jehovah, let’s keep in mind that it’s a commercial song, a music made in order to make money like every circular music… Just a different genre!
    Great music…

  25. Guc, I must say “you are a God sent” to my life. I listened to song by u”all that matters ” and my whole life was transformed for good, my spirit life became renewed. May the anointing oil upon u never run dry, Amen. Just as u have put him in front of ur melody may He Lead you, thanks dear, more inspirations.

  26. I must confess the song is really touching, each time I listen the song I feel the presence of God upon my life

  27. Littering Tongues Everywhere since I heard this Spirit given Lyrics…

    God bless you GUC

  28. First time listening to your song and I’m so touched and filled with the Holy Spirit…I pray God continue to strengthen you, more anointing IJN

  29. I listened to the song on someone statue but got no choice then to download immediately. This song made my day… And spirit lifting I mist confess. Weldon GUC…. Weldon.

  30. I was touched the first time I heard the song it kept ringing in my ears I was unable to get the song until I heard again in a mix tape and had to download. It lifts my spirit and connects me deeply. God bless you sir.
    Greater heights!

  31. First it was DESPERATE (Holy ghost filled song)
    Now this…. Thank you for touching our hearts.

  32. Thankgod for giving u the inspiration to bless my life with such a marvelous song, may his grace always be with you to bless me more Amen.

  33. You know you are a blessing that the Lord has sent to bless me.God bless you,this song is a bomb.

  34. This song gave me life again because I thought all hope is lost, thanks u so much for the wonderful inspiration.

    1. God richly bless you GUC… couldn’t sleep last night after downloading the song. You’re bless

  35. I was led by the spirit to minister this song today. Glory hallelujah


  36. So touching
    You got bro. Keep it up. May God continue to strength you.
    So filled and touched by these song

  37. I pray for God Power and Grace over u to continue wining people souls through music. I love this…………

  38. I see a passionate young man who is madly in love with Jesus. The song is spirit filled. It brought reawakening in my spirit. God bless you. Continue to yield to the MASTER.

  39. I was caught my the cover…I had to go for the song and boooooom…I was touched…I quite many awful lifestyle just to stay put with the holy ghost after listening to this great song….indeed you get the gift,more grace brotherly.

  40. I wan to b like u I am a gosple singer I need u to b my mentor I love your inspiration 09052479989

  41. Hmmm, wow awesome song indeed this is spiritual song i was touch with the holy spirit, yes Jesus is all that matter’s, love this song

  42. Timely Song, while the whole world stand still because of Covin 19, It’s obvious nothing matters but Jesus.

  43. The first time I had this song I so much fell in love with it that I put the song on replay for days.The song is so great.I so love it

  44. Been listening to this song for two days now… Can’t help but leave it on repeat… Great song… You’re blessed

  45. After listening to this song I cried I wept I realised I have been lying to myself all this while I have been proclaiming love for Jesus but my actions has said something else.I am still crying I feel like i have been cheating myself of his grate love for me.This song is spirit filled it has drawn me closer to God than I could imagine.

  46. More Grace sir, this your song touch me, it makes me to love God more and more. I wish i have a good voice to sing. Keep it up.

  47. I am touch my this anticipated song… My soul leap for joy and the holy spirit move mighty in me…thank you Jesus for this great son…

  48. Listening and wanting to download your song is Marvelously blessed for me. More anointed inspiration in Jesus name.

  49. U don’t need to preach to sinners
    again dis song can bring salvation to one’s soul
    Bless u GUC

  50. Not long I downloaded the song, I heard it on a friend’s whatsapp dp.
    so I had to search for the song online.
    I love the song, it’s a great song

  51. God bless you GUC for this song,I don’t get tired of listening to the song. You will go places in Jesus name. Amen.

  52. This song is soul lifting, the first time I listened to the music,i had goose pimples, but the sound effect is low, no bass.

  53. Wow, this is great. I immediately put it in repeat. Thank you so much for this. I look forward to spirit filled worship songs as this from you

  54. A spirit filled song, very powerful with alot of message “Nothing matters in my life except Jesus”, May God’s anointing on you always be made afresh. The world is already listening to your voice.

  55. God I bless your name for this song give him more wisdom and continue to use him as vassal to glorify your name God.

  56. More of anointing in Jesus name this song will never leave my mouth I love it soo much God bless you the singers

  57. This song is so so so spirit filled. I was asleep the first time I heard the song on radio on City fm 6am, and tears just started dripping from my eyes from my sleep from my unconsciousness. This can only be the HolySpirit. GUC God bless you so much. More spirit filling in Jesus name.(Amen)

  58. There’s something about song…..This song is spirit filled…. This song is gonna change your life, it’s gonna get you closer to JESUS

  59. I can’t just resist downloading this song. More Grace sir. Guc you are lifted, continue to be in God’s move.

  60. This is a powerful and spirit filled worship that blessed my life.more grace GUC. God bless your ministry abundantly.

  61. This song honestly speaking it has transformed me and born again in Jesus name,i really give thanks to GUC dat may God continue using u in this way a lot of people will transformed.

  62. Woow was so blessed God bless you GUC there is something supernatural about the song. He is indeed all that matters

  63. I was really touched throw this music , may the lord continur to strengthen and uphold u


  65. Fine, now that u no and u hav acknowledge the fact that the song is good and spirit filed, God need u and u need him, why don’t u accept him now as your lord and personal saviour and giv your life to him and i bet you bro/sisters, you wil b the nest in line. God bless you and remain bless. zion quote

  66. Infact the first day I download this song at 2:45am at dawn,couldnt sleep anymore. From day one you are all that matters heavenly Father. God richly bless you GUC…Great great song….

  67. GUC God is really with you I love this song so much. God is really all that matters in our lives

  68. Kingdomboiz keep doing what you do God bless you because in a way you are also blessing lives nothing is too little

  69. I am speechless, God has really bleseed you and we are bleseed with this marvellous song. Remain Blessed permanently.

  70. It’s a spirit realm song that touches the spirit of man here on earth . Thank God for using one of his own to communicate the closeness of God to the people.

  71. All that matters is a song that impacts and touches the mind and heart ♥ it is so full of Christ am so changed because of the song God bless u

  72. I just can’t go a day without listening to this song. Indeed Jesus Christ is all that matters.
    GUC, May God continue to bless you until you are fully blessed IJN

  73. I was checking my Facebook news feed i heard the song on one of my friends feed and since then i have love the song may God bless the artist’s and increase his grace and anointing in Jesus name. I really love the song and my heart is at peace because Christ is all that matters

  74. I heard this song from a radio station for the first time and it broke my spirit.
    The song is very powerful.

  75. I really love this song. Very amazing and touching. It’s true ‘ Jesus Matters in our lives’ without Jesus our lfe is 0

  76. This song is full of the Holy Spirit I just feel like all the challenges I was facing has disappeared Oh Jesus you are all that matters

  77. The way I struggled to download this song its such a great so may God continue giving u the grace to more good songs

  78. Oooh my God guc! May the good Lord bless you for releasing such a beautiful worshiping song.i really love it so very much.thank you

  79. this song is so touching, I feel elevated by the Holy Spirit. You are all that really matter JESUS. Thank you guci the Glory of God will never depart you.

  80. Got a small clip from someone’s status was so touched didn’t even know the tittle but the back ground showing me guc it gave me where to start from, went to my Google just tiped in ,now have it, God bless u,

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