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Sammy Voice, a fast rising passionate gospel musician is here with another powerful song titled “KABIO OSI” (Unquestionable God) featuring a renowned gospel minister Kay Wonder

According to him, he received an inspiration from God to write the song during the lockdown occasioned by the novel coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world . Kabio osi is a blend of Yoruba, Igbo and English languages with a genre of contemporary and African praise which describes God as an unquestionable and sovereign King.

As you stream, download and dance to this hit music, the Almighty God will set you free from any physical or spiritual captivity the enemy has kept you in Jesus mighty name.



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Intro (Instrumental)

You say

Kabio osi o
(Unquestionable God)
Kabio osi o
(Unquestionable God)
Iwo loba t’aye ati orun n bo
(You are the king of heaven and earth)
Iwo loba ti a kole ro loye
(You are the king no one can dethrone)
You reign in magesty
Lord I bow before your throne.

Verse 1
I’ve never seen any king like you
I’ve never heard of any God like you
You can never ever be dethroned
Cos you have done what no man can do

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Verse 2
Call: I’ve searched and searched but found no one like you
Resp: Koseni bi ire (There’s no one like you)
Call: you are the greater than the greatest higher than the highest.
Resp: There’s no one like you
Call: You are amazing you’re so loving Jesus
Resp: Koseni bi ire (There’s no one like you)
Call: The alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.
Resp:There’s no one like you
Call: Agunecheba, Isi ike du, Oloro ihe loro ihe loro, odogwu Odogwu.
(The Lion that looks over the nation, The head of life, He who swallow what swallows, Mighty God)
Resp: onwe yi dika gi ( There’s no one like you)
Call: You are the song that I sing the source of my life.
Resp: There’s no one like you..

Back to chorus

Call: Oya e ba mi kira fun Baba oo
(O hail the father)
Resp: Oun l’oyigiyigi Eledumare Awimayeun Aladewura
(Almighty God, Most Supreme, Ever Faithful with the Crown of Gold)
Oba mi Alagbada ina Olowo ina Ologo ju lo Oba to to gbe ga
(My King, Clothed with Fire, Made of Fire, Most Glorious and worthy to be praised)

Ina fe ju keke o
(The bright shinning light)
Ina kuku mo eni to da ohun
(The light trembles before it’s creator)
Oni kokoro ile aye lowo
(The one who owns the key to the world)
Oke ti o le sha
(Clouds that doesn’t fade)
Oke ti o le yegere
(Heavens that doesn’t wear)
Alejo ti n se onile Kanrinkese kesekanrin
(The visitor who blesses beyond imagination)
Oni ile kaya kayo
(The one who you go to and you’re filled)
Alabenu a nsawa
(The one who we take refuge in)
Alabenu a nsasi
(The one who we take solace in)
O gbe omo re ni ija So omo re d’aje
(The one who defends his children and empowers her)
O gbe omo re ni ija So omo re d’osho
(The one who defends his children and empowers him)
Kokoro inu aye
(The one who owns the key of the earth)
kokoro ode aye
(The one who owns the key of the universe)
Gbangba ode
(Unrestricted God)
Ilekun ti o se shi
(He who shuts and no one can open)
To ba shi Baba ta lole ti
(He who opens and no one can close)
Asiri aye ohun orun
(The secret behind heaven and earth)
Ojo minimini ti je ara o de yan
(The one who gives comfort)
Orun wawawa ki igba opadabo
(The restorer)

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