Tobiloba is a Nigerian Young talented Song writer, based in Romania with a strong passion for God and His perspective towards life as expressed in his word ( he often says, its impossible for you to have the right concept and understanding of God and what God thinks about you and not fall in love with him..Not the Hollywood kind of

He uses his Music as a tool, and strongly believes that Music is one of Divinty’s gift to Humanity and was intended to help to improve the lives of its listeners, which unfortunately is far from what we see happening today. A lot of life – wrecking habits have been formed or encouraged today (especially among youths and teenagers ) by the type of music being listened to

Tobiloba believes that music is a very powerful universal tool, he jokingly says ” Show me a list of your favourite songs and i will tell you who you are”

Tobiloba burns with a passion to produce good quality music , with positive – life enhancing message that will improve the life of His listeners and the world as a whole.

Tobiloba, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is constantly working at producing Good quality music that is pregnant with a Multi-cultural Heritage.. His hand is on deck and his eyes are on his Purpose..His Grace is supplied by Jah! Most high!

Social media handle
Instagram: Me_tobiloba
Twitter :Me_tobiloba
P:s His other songs are available on Google play store, iTunes and other digital stores..


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