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Even in this pandemic there are still silver linings in the cloud and rays of hope in the sky, it all depends on your focus.

As children of God we understand that we can never exhaust our options for evangelism neither can we run out of ideas or give up on telling who Christ is and that is why even after her recently launched Records called KINGDOMBOIZ RECORDS, another has been added to the family.

Let’s all celebrate as Kingdomboiz is adding another to the clan today called Kingdomboiz Foundation
This is to the glory of God and for spreading further the gospel of Christ through selfless giving.

Our aim is to drive a motion that giving is not a burden but a blessing. It’s a beautiful opportunity to touch lives and shouldn’t be done from a place of pain like popularity noted but a place is joy, prayer and satisfaction.

A popular saying goes that “an hungry stomach can’t listen well or hold conversations”. Therefore, Kingdom Boiz foundation would be visiting villages, cities and places across the nation but even as they preach and teach the people who Christ is, we would also support them with food, water, clothing, financial help in any and every way we can.

We also propose and encourage children of God all over the earth to also take on this course of action, not identically by establishing foundations to reach out but even as little as giving your next door neighbor.
Remember “blessed is the hands that give than the one who takes”

This recently development of the launching of Kingdom Boiz Foundation is coming just right after the launching of her records barely a month ago and her already existing Kingdom Boiz Tv and Kingdom Boiz Media Hub.

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