Lecrae Is Releasing New Music ‘Real Soon’ Grammy Winning Producer S1 Says


Symbolyc One (S1), a platinum-selling producer
who has worked with Eminem, Beyoncé, Kanye
West and Lecrae, among others, revealed at the
2015 Dove Awards that he has collaborated with
Lecrae on his next project.

“We locked in for two weeks,” S1 said. “It’s a lot I
can’t say right now because it’s kind of real hidden,
but just know that real soon you’ll be getting some
new music from Lecrae.”

This new music could be Church Clothes 3.

Don Cannon, the DJ who hosted Lecrea’s first two
Church Clothes mixtapes, said that the third
installment of the series would “absolutely” happen — “maybe” by year’s end. Several months later, B&H Publishing Group claimed that Lecrae’s next retail album will release after it publishes his first
book, Unashamed, on May 1, 2016.

Either, one, S1 is referring to a mixtape that will drop between now and Lecrae’s book release, two, plans have changed about when Lecrae’s retail
album will drop in relation to his book, three, S1 is willing to define “real soon” as six months away or, four, the singles for the retail album are the “real soon” music and will come before the book.

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