MUSIC Video + Audio: Cris Kester – No Grudges

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 “No Grudges” is a song about honesty and bearing it all. Some people will always see you with a perception that isn’t accurate,  maybe because you don’t call or check up on them. Or maybe you  wronged them in the past  and they probably feel because of a certain success laced with your good looks- you’ve got it all figured. This song is to say that I’m human and I’m sorry for not meeting up to every expectations. And I pray for you and wish you all well..

The Song Was Produced by kossi and mixed by Rocksking.

Watch Video Below.

Director of video: SOS expression.                                                                         Video producers: MMP films and Yes pictures.                                           Artistic Director: gratified media                                                                                      Costume  design by: Krockcity TV.                                                                                 Connect With kester
Facebook: iamcriskester.    

Instagram/twitter: @cris_kesta

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