Frank Edwards Shares Touching Story Of Him Self!!! TEARS…..


Uhhmmmm. Believer’s love world artiste “Frank Edwards” shares touching story of himself. Actually every individual has a story to share, stories told & untold, But frank edwards decides to share with us on his instagram how he suffered and the challenges his faced when he was young. But he never knew God has a plan for him. God saw him troooooo..#Glory

“In my young life, I have been through a lot
& trust me not in a bad way as I have come
to understand it was all training. But then I
have been loved, betrayed, offended & I
offended people too & never said sorry
because I didn’t know they got offended. But through it all I learnt that “Kiss is not a
true sign of love” & “smile is not a true sign
of happiness” even words are not
dependable enough to show honesty &
sincerity. I don’t smile a lot but the love in
my heart is stronger than what you see on my face. Judas proved it that you can kiss to
kill. I give, I accommodate, I tolerate
because I have been given, I have been
accommodated & I have been tolerated. I
am a product of what I have been through,
I am a product of GRACE. But let me tell you a little story just to encourage someone. I
once lived with an Anglican church priest
who was a husband to my dads elder sister.
MHSRIP He had a large farm land just behind
the church building, because he was always
busy with the church I was the only one left to work at the farm land, I was only 11
years old. I thought he hated me by
sending me to the farm every time until one
day he said to me “I know the farm land is
Big for you alone but so shall your blessings
be…”But I didn’t understand because I felt I needed help with the farm, but I knew he
loved me because every night before he
goes to bed he told me one story. Some
interesting & so many boring. But in one of
his stories he said “until you can handle big
responsibilities you are not a man yet.. But to cut the story short after six months my
mum needed my attention to assist her with
selling. But he wouldn’t let me go Cus we
were already too close, then I told my mum
how about I do both, sell for you two
weeks, work at the farm two weeks? then we all agreed. So I was their star child. They
loved me but they had nothing to give but
the love in their hearts and I understood.
Ehmmmm! I’m all tears now. I will continue
this story later. GOD BLESS” – Frank Edwards

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