News: Spokesman Speaks On Gospel Artiste Doing Adele Cover “HELLO”


Yaaa.. Actually it looks like most of our  gospel folks are realy inlove with Adele’s song titled “HELLO” and when  gospel artiste drops the cover alot of gospel fam gets attracted and finally gospel  rapper SPOKESMAN asked a question regarding artiste doing Adele cover. He says..


All these Adele’s ‘Hello’ covers..Is it another form of
Cheap Publicity Stunt? What’s the motive exactly?

What’s Your Take On This? drop ur comments below.

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54 thoughts on “News: Spokesman Speaks On Gospel Artiste Doing Adele Cover “HELLO”

  1. Nigerian artistes re copy cats.When will they write and release a song that artistes all over the world will do a remix or cover of?

  2. Will God have them do a cover of secular songs really? I believe it’s the height of “wackery” for Gospel artists to be copying secular artists’ songs or to what use are they putting the mind of Christ which they’re expected to write songs with! Selah

  3. Well, its so bad that we copy secular artist instead of the other way round. Its Laziness, lack of inspiration, money fame syndrom. How many of the secular artist do covers of your songs? There has to be a change.

  4. Well,I see nothing wrong..if people love the sound in Adele’s song, then is it a crime they sing it? Whether it’s cheap publicity or not..we need to upgrade our gospel music promotion perceptions.. If not the world will continue taking our youths out of the church

    1. My brother we leave by the word of God anything outside it na crazy….Mark 13vs5-6 Luk 6vs43 Luk 11vs35

      Make we nor decieve our self doing cover and bringing circular artist to christainity nor follow..

    2. My bro, why are you saying such, you mean if God wants to build and upgrade is church he should go and look for the sodomite and gomora, listen those that choose such, (i.e those that sing and copy secular songs) are not heavenly minded, but are full of lust over earthly things, remember its end time, the love of many shall wax cold says the lord.

  5. What do you expect when the church has started bringing circular singers to sing in the church…..the truth remains that the body of Christ no longer has the fear of God

  6. As ministers,
    *we are gospel ministers not circular entertainer..”Let our songs be in (spirit and truth)
    *if u lack songs,work hard and pray inspiration will come not by waiting for a cover because you only promote that source which is been lead by the world “why promote the world when you ought to promote God”.
    *is its scriptural that we copy the world?..”Give to christ what belongs to christ”
    *will the Holy Spirit inspire you to copy the world.

  7. Let’s interprete it this will you feel when the pastor steps on the Alter and start preching about how he loves Beyounce, Adele, Jay Z etc And he now says to the whole church please listen to their songs because its has nice sound…..Gospel ministers doing seculer cover he/she has lost it totally “Mark 13vs5..Mark 4vs23..Mathew 12vs17..

  8. When we stay in tune with d Holy Spirit He gives us songs straight from His throne room-He is d source of inspiration. When we break fellowship with Him we begin to feel d kind of inadequacy Adam & Eve felt. If we don’t run back to d secret place we soon start measuring ourselves with our environment, then we look for all kinds of fig leaves to cover up our nakedness, like adopting circular songs or featuring d artists. God does not need d arm of flesh to save d world. Peter didn’t need to colabo with Saul to save him-Jesus saved & converted saul to Paul by His very own self. What fellowship has light with darkness? We should not allow ourselves be deceived by d mistakes of our brethren in their unguarded moments, rather, it should be a caution sign for us not to forget which Kingdom we represent & whose glory we show forth-God’s glory, not ours.

    1. you said it all,the bible says the holy spirit will teach us all things,if we are not writing new songs we aren’t staying in a place that we ought to stay, which is Gods word like I said Adele won’t do ijoba orun
      why will our own tongue talking christian do “hello” lack of inspriration.God help us.

  9. I seek those who will worship Me in spirit and in truth…In all this things we should never forget that Jesus Christ is the reason we still here on earth. As christians we need to stop seeing ourselves and start seeing Jesus,it’s our duty to make that name known in every part of this dark world.

  10. Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel not to
    seat in church criticizing what others are doing to
    the world. Jerry Swam Sidi ‘s Hello is geared towards invading the kingdom of darkness. He has
    succeed by the help of the Holy spirit. Download the
    song and listen to the lyrics before criticizing. He
    does not need any cheap publicity, cos he is
    already popular. Do you know how many
    Christians and So-called born again listening to the Song (Adele Hello) how? I was over glad when i
    heard his take-over Gospel version of the song.
    God bless wuna. Christians should to always think
    indepth before criticizing anything. Always ask the
    reason/motive behind things

    1. Menh!!! Forget it, no reasons to making use of a secular song to make a gospel….if a secular artist get inspired and can release a song why can’t the gospel minister do same?? Where is the place of the Holy Spirit?? If swam sidi likes he should do any stunt on that song of his when its been heard Adele’s Hello is the first that comes to mind……..And if not for publicity so many songs been released why did he use any? Its Adele’s Hello that’s all over he chooses to use……let’s call truth truth and lies lies

    2. If he was dt popular, why cnt he create his own sound n tune 2 invade d dark work, why must it b a cover of a secular artist work?….

  11. We should be careful of castings stones when a good number of us actually have downloaded and listened to Adele’s original version. Jerry Swam Sidi’s version is refreshing to hear and I don’t think he (or any other gospel artiste) was doing it as a publicity stunt neither is it my place to speculate. Issues like this don’t have answers “set in stone”, it is open to interpretation and above all, guidance by the holy spirit. I am neither supporting nor condemning either side. One thing is: I have been blessed by Swam’s version.

  12. What’s with these gospel artists doing cover of Adele’s song or any other secular artist for that matter! Seeking cheap publicity? They should look up to you, dear Gospel artists and not the other way round!
    Will God have them do a cover of secular songs really? I believe it’s the height of “wackery” for Gospel artists to be copying secular artists’ songs or to what use are they putting the mind of Christ which they’re expected to write songs with! Selah

  13. b4 now dis used to b a tough issue to me (especially wen i used to criticize anytin dat doesn’t carry d name of JESUS in it). But now i understand dat our judgements on dis issue makes no difference, Christian Acts will continue to do covers of other artistes’ songs.
    What brings d confussion is dat tag “gospel artiste”.
    What I’ve com to realize is dat som people do gospel as hobby or bcos dey had a church background built by their parents (perhaps not a perfect Christ life), som gospel acts ain’t even born again- dats anoda matter.
    I think we should start seeing ourselves as Christians who sing rather than the ‘gospel’ genre of music dat even d worldly musician wants to do wen he feels like.
    We should now check contents of songs. provided its void of profanity or vulgarism, i think its good for anyone to sing >>even a its makes dem give u a listening ear to d gospel u live each day of ur life preaching.

  14. One tin about unconventional gospel ministers (ie doz who ain’t real pastors, but minister 2ru activities) is dat dey r d ones who interact wit d streets/world, and distract dem from worldly pleasures, by showcasing talent and entertainment to dem. Your pastor would b so pleased to know dat ur rap, dance, vocals as a born again brought people of d world close to you, dat u can bring dem to d church to receive his ministration.
    Lets learn to also see oda artistes (secular) as normal talented people also, but who don’t really know God.
    For example, if JayZ raps well, i won’t deny it. If Lady Gaga sings well i won’t deny it. The only missing tin in dier lives is CHRIST. Diz artistes hav as well sang life touching and lifting songs dat even christians love.

    I won’t condemn d Gospel Adele cover makers.
    But tins hav limits tho.

  15. Kingdomboiz, this isn’t Kingdom business,it’s gossip! How does posting this screenshot of someone’s opinion glorify the Kingdom? You knew it would spark a controversy that was why you found it news-worthy. This is beneath you!

  16. For those of you coming up with excuses God is watching you…”if you are of christ your mind should be towards christ”, beware even some of you that are saying you find no fault in it, I doubt your faith…you can never see a true muslim do such but a christain will find an excuse to state why he should run cover….one word “trust you ant no true christain” I don’t mean to disrespect anyone..if you lack songs go work hard and pray you will find inspiration..Don mon,Fred,Tasha,Nathaniel Bassey etc you don see dem do cecular cover..”Rubbish”..I don’t know who metor you guys!!!

    1. Sir I guess the word rubish wasn’t part of what you wanted saying? You said I mean no disrespect. Remember out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaketh. Let’s watch it belove. Thanks

    2. Lol… What y’all should knw is in every nonsese, there’s always a sense there… I heard all you’ve said.. Your opinons are respected but let’s remember what St. Paul said “at all COST Christ is preached” not gossip… Y’all who claim “holier dan thou” should take not for “if you’re trying to bring bck that one who’v gone astray, b careful less ye fall” some f ya fell in the mana u spoke.

  17. Just because a person’s walk with God doesn’t look like yours doesn’t mean their experience or expression is invalid. Why are we so quick to throw stones? If you think they are wrong pray for them. But to begin to question or judge their motives may just lead one down a slippery slope especially if it just so happens that they are following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  18. Who r we to judge??? What is our definition of gospel?? What is gospel music??

    B4 u criticize, the boss who pays ur salary is a Muslim but u give the job ur all….. Is that not a secular cover???

    Did you ask that man selling meat in the market if he was born again before you purchase???

    Christianity is more than a religion…. Follow the leading of the spirit n b slow to judge, u just might be wrong…..

    All men will stand alone…. the last day

  19. Mr Tokidda I see no point in what you just said. Why after Adele sang Hello, it dawn on you to sing a cover to win soul. There is a guy that sent something to me on bbm about Gospel Artistes & music and I shook my head cos those words were deep and for the fact that he wasn’t the ‘Church’ type. Let’s get back to our first love.

  20. The holy spirit is not out of inspiration,as a gospel artist u dnt need to cover secular song…the spirit behind dah secular song will still manifest..

  21. I believed my state of mind never to say a word but how come excellence is denied,doing a cover does not make you own a content of truth because you were just a reference at that point,as the saying no judge a book by its cover which proves you doing the cover was of no value but judge nothing till I come says jesus.but have we lost the place of fellowship where revelations for the last days are revealed,like Paul said to Peter I bet correction is never wrong

  22. See as una jst dey waste una time dey yarn……Smh! Don’t go and get something doing with your life,stay here and arguing rubbish,with eachother…..wai Christians kenan fa,allah ya sauke!!!…..

  23. Music Ministers are missing it because they skip there fellowship with God all the time, and they expect people to hear there songs when released, songs from flesh can’t move the spirit. All i want to say is, let us pray for all our Music Ministers all over the world not just nigeria alone cause our calling is not a easy task. God bless.

  24. The way the admin is saying this and that person fires back at spokesman….spokesman never really fired at anyone. He only asked to know the motive behind all the Adele hello covers from gospel artistes. He never really picked on anyone or anything. Please, the talk is getting too much now.

  25. Music is an art, how we choose to reaspond/react to it is a choice. Music is also a tool; which can be used either positively of negatively.
    Being a Christian will only reflect in the content of our daily lives and songs.
    You’ll realise that most of those who hold a grudge about the covers are not artistes and for an artiste who criticises others’ decisions to do a cover; I’ll with humility that they really don’t understand the full indepth of their calling

  26. Romans, 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    Other versions say do not conform to the pattern of this world.

    God help us all in Jesus name.

  27. I’m yet to see any “Secular” musician doing cover of any “Gospel” song. We ought to know its against the word of God to copy or replicate worldly things (James 4:4; Romans 12:2). Whether John Legend or Adele yall can copy all you want but the Fact is : God doesn’t need a RMX of devils melody.

  28. “Anything that is not of faith is Sin(or death)” says apostle Paul. Hypothetically speaking , anything that doesn’t align with God’s word lacks substance . When God the Son came to the earth he created over 2k years ago, the center of His message was “Difference”, at all times we ought to be different from the world as Christians. Inspiration is good but first of all look for edification as we wait on the HolySpirit for instructions on what to do per time.

  29. My own is dat i just hate and dislike covers of music totally,to the extent i can’t do a cover of my fellow Gospel artiste’s song,let alone a circular artiste.

  30. Am I the only one who noticed that Spokesman’s post/question didn’t mention anything about “gospel artistes”?

    The title by “kingdomboiz” was misleading….

  31. Kingdomboiz why d hell are u guys spreading false rumour?.. did he speak about gasp artiste specifically? mstw u guys are unbelievable

  32. if i look up to any MINISTER as a mentor, and He/she has done this remix, i would feel its owkay for me to remix any secular song… not minding how bad its lyrics are.. so please, people look up to you, you should always be mindful of that… its not about a secular artiste dint say bad, its about someone might be driven astray…

  33. GospleMusic in this country, needs a lot of encouragement.. We don’t have good ppl… Why? Because we are too lazy to work for the kingdom.. You’ll see a lot o collaboration the so called “circular musictians” do just to promote their fans, carrier and brigade.. How many Gospel artist do things free today? Now you’re critisizing a cover?
    Lol… You should listen to your present gospel songs#Naija and be truthful to yourself… Which of their instrumental’s good?
    Or should I tlk of the repeatation of old songs?… Every dick and harry want to do #album lunch.. Listent to the songs, they’re terible…

  34. Well the truth about this whole thing is we should know that white is white so also black.everyone given an opportunity,would explain and even convince you as to why they do what they do,even armed robbers,in other not to disturb you with plenty talks ,I would like to leave you guys with a question,if today someone fetches the clean water from a properly cleaned toilet with a clean glass cup,does that make it clean water and would you drink it?

  35. Last time i checked….we still got millions of songs in the spirit realm that has not yet been sang…so i agree with spokesman…
    The thruth might hurt bur wen u collide wit it…pls dont fight it….

  36. Hmm, but how did weall get to know this song?
    Friends pls learn, condemning others doesn’t make anyone righteous…

  37. Motive matters in every step taken by anybody.. We are nobody to judge anybody.. Let God do the judging…. And on your own side, do what you know is right…

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