Winners’ Chapel Planted 10,000 New Churches In One Year

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Bishop David Oyedepo yestarday 8th November at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland
God does nothing without extra, so He put EXTRA on it.

Services are starting this morning across the newly planted Churches in Nigeria.

It’s not what we know that changes us but what we do with what we know. I wish people know that prayers does not change people, you should know that: it is engaging with revelation that does; whatever He tells you to do, do it. You don’t do it, you won’t see a change.

My prayer is that this year will mark the beginning of beginnings in your life.
Praying to access revelation and praying for grace to engage is where our change of story lies. Praying for our eyes to be opened, to behold wondrous things out of His law; praying to put those things that we find to work is what changes our story.
– No one here will suffer stagnation again.
– On this ‘Next Level’ banquet, your story is not just changing today. It will keep changing for life.
We all know that stagnant water smells; being at the same spot erodes beauty and colour; going around in cycles, no motion, no forward movement can be most frustrating, but your path is ordained as a shining light to keep shine more and more: not more and less.

Therefore, from today, your path will keep shining more and more.

Father, honour your Word this morning. Grant utterance today and bring conviction in the hearts of men.

Like you heard, the 10,000 new Churches is concluded today. God does nothing without extra, so He put EXTRA on it. It was my privilege to release the last batch last Friday (6th November 2020). They took over their various territories and services are starting this morning.
– In this same vein, everyone’s ‘Breaking Limit’ prophetic package will be delivered like a dream of the night.

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