MUSIC Video: Canon And Derek Minor – Over Do

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Canon and Derek Minor put a hip-hop spin on Richard Pryor’s 1985 comedy Brewster’s Million for their video for “Over Do It” from Canon’s Loose Canon Vol. 3 album on Reflection Music Group that debuted at No. 5 on iTunes’ Hip Hop Albums chart. 

In Brewster’s Million, Pryor’s character receives a $300 million dollar inheritance from an unknown uncle. In “Over Do It,” Canon is informed that his Uncle Brewster has left him $5 million.

Throughout the video directed by Will Thomas, Canon and Minor go wild, blowing through the money, purchasing a house, cars, an in-home theatre, custom decorations and vintage instruments before the narrative takes a surprise, comical twist.

Canon says he is a fan of the Pryor classic. “I’ve seen Brewster’s Million and loved the concept of inheriting more money than I could ever account for,” he says. “However, somethings things are just too good to be true.”

Minor says there are elements of truth in the fictional storyline. “Every time me and Canon get together it’s always crazy,” he says. “So ‘Over Do It’ is just a continuation of the music history that we have. The music video is pretty much us. That’s the kind of time we have. We are obviously not blowing $5 million every time we hanging out, but if we did have $5 million, I could guarantee that’s some of the stuff we would be doing.”

The song is produced by G-Roc. Canon’s Loose Canon Vol. 3 was released on Nov. 4 and includes the singles “Eagles” and “The Family”.

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