T.B. Joshua: Watch Prophet TB Joshua Predict The Saudi Arabia Terrorist Attack


In a new YouTube video, posted on July 4, 2016, the prophet predicts the attack on the country.

“Saudi as a country – they should pray against attack – that is Saudi Arabia. I am seeing something happen there. Pray for the nation. Saudi Arabia – I cannot locate the place but I am seeing an attack. They should pray – how to unravel the attack. They should watch out”, he  says


ediction was allegedly made, during a Sunday Live Service, on January 31, 2016.

The first bomber attacked in Jidda, very close to the United States Consulate, followed by another attack, near a Shiite mosque in the eastern region of Qatif, in the evening.

The third blast was in Medina, near the ‘Prophet’s mosque’, also known as one of Islam’s holiest sites.

T.B. Joshua’s predictions include the Brussels Terror attack, the Brexit, the Russian plane crash in Egypt and Nigeria’s food scarcity.

What do you think about this recent prophecy?

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