MUSIC Video: Lecrae On The Growth Of Christian Hip-Hop – Throwback Thursday


Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to 2011 when Lecrae spoke to HipHopPlattform about the growth of Christian Hip-Hop. 

As Reach Records began to tour more and more, the crowds began to grow. People started to notice the power doing rap music for Jesus had. 

“This sets a prescience for a lot of people in terms of what Christian hip-hop specifically can do, how it can be used, and just the different avenues it can be used in,” Lecrae said. “I’m just thankful.” 

Lecrae said Cross Movement paved the way by opening doors in the church and by setting up a way for like-minded artists to congregate. 

“This is all new for a lot of people…I’m grateful we have an infrastructure here…and solid artists who can be able to articulate the same truths to everybody.” 

Watch the clip below: 

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