News: Lecrae Previews ‘Unshamed’ Book With Video Clips & Table Of Contents


Reach Records rapper Lecrae has been promoting
his upcoming book Unashamed the last few days
with little social media clips that leave the viewer
clamoring for more.

On December 28 he first posted a picture of the
table of contents here


Unashamed is set to hit bookstores on May 1, 2016,
and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

“I think a book will help people understand not
only the method to my madness but my heart,” said
Lecrae to Rapzilla last year. “I also want the book to
reveal in a lot of ways the faith that I hold and why
I believe what I believe.”

“I am writing ‘Unashamed’ for all those who don’t
know who they are, who feel confined by the
labels given to them,” Lecrae shared in a press
release, “This is for the outsiders looking for peace

He continued, “As an artist, my ambition is to make
honest music, and I feel the same way about
writing this book. I want to be honest about where
I’ve come from and what I’ve learned along the
way. I want to influence culture, to help catalyze
and inspire, and help other people find understanding. If they find some inspiration and
some clarity for their own lives, as they follow my
journey, then I will have succeeded.”

The content of Lecrae’s book will focus on the
hardships of the artist’s life which include:
alcoholism, abuse, drugs, abortion, and an
unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Through the trials of his life, the emcee wishes to
convey the hope and peace he has found in Jesus
as he continues to take his message beyond the
walls of the church and reach unbelievers. Will you
be picking up a copy of Lecrae’s Unashamed?

Watch interview below.

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